Our 1st Pro Package

Pre-TV Hard Pack

Our first-ever professional packaging for mass merchants. It was the same basic idea as our very first yellow package, but was now a more professional-looking hard pack with glitzy foil labels in red, white and blue. The same clamshell was made to fit all 3 sizes of original Flying Lures and so had no dividers at all. The 4 and 6 inch sizes worked fine, but the 2 inch lures, being much thinner than the larger sizes, tended to slide around the package if you dropped it. Rich Hanson of MVP Sports in greater Boston pioneered this packaging, after valiantly selling the original yellow Flying Lure package in his stores. I was so proud of that! Rich, who has become a friend, has since moved on and is now one of the key people at Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, Maine, the original outdoor superstore founded in the 1930s. And he's still selling Flying Lures at Kittery!