First Catfish

Yes, the RotoTail really does catch everything (almost) that swims! Here’s the story behind the first catfish photos we received:

Helen went fishing on a small lake in Weeki Wachi, Fla. She cast a finesse RotoTail with a pumpkinseed/green pumpkin head with a finesse 2-inch green pumpkin and chartreuse tail into the lake. She got a hit on her first cast!

The fish hit on the fall, so thinking it was a bass she set the hook. But it soon became clear that it wasn’t a bass at all. The fish snagged on something on the bottom of the lake. Helen gave it some slack line and the fish eventually freed itself. She struggled with the fish for at least 30 minutes.

Helen was fishing from a small dock, and there were people fishing from boats who did not catch anything. The people in the boats were asking what she caught the fish on!

By that time, the struggle had also attracted a small crowd of local children. You can see their feet in the picture as they admired the large catfish. The catfish was released soon after the photo was taken.

Great job Helen! Thanks for sending in your story!