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Telling the Flying Lure story on live TV - Dancing on a high wire without a net

During the boom boom days of the Flying Lure, Alex Langer's second homes were the hotels around QVC and Home Shopping Network. When he wasn't fishing, Alex practically lived in Philly (QVC) and Tampa (HSN). This was Alex's favorite part of the whole Flying Lure gig. QVC and HSN were live national TV -- without a tape delay -- a high wire without a net. Radio shock jock, Howard Stern's fans figured out that there was no delay and pranked some of the QVC hosts because they knew their calls couldn't be stopped from going on-air. But thankfully this never happened with Alex on-air. Appearing on the shopping channels was much like live radio, which Alex was familiar with, because he was already doing a live national radio show at that time. He especially liked "problem callers" because he had to think on his feet and they had problems that were easily solvable. Most problems were caused by the fact that anglers weren't giving the lure enough slack line to allow it to swim away. They just had to lower their rod tip to make the lure work and swim away, which was almost too simple. It also demonstrated to the viewers that Alex's calls weren't staged.

Alex also flew to Europe and Canada to be on their shopping channels. An interesting incident happened at US customs at the Montreal airport when Alex was flying back to the USA after appearing on a Canadian home shopping show. Alex had lots of Flying Lure samples he'd brought with him from the USA in his travel bag for his appearance on Canadian TV. A US Customs agent asked whether the lures were purchased in Canada. Alex responded simply by holding up one of the lure packages next to his face and smiling, because all the lures had a picture of Alex on them. The customs agent wasn't amused, but let Alex pass through to the US anyway with his Flying Lures unmolested.

Alex became personal friends with many of the QVC and HSN hosts, who used and were successful with Flying Lures.

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