An Accidental Collectable

An Accidental Collectable
by Alex Langer

When we started out, we didn’t know what to call the RotoTail. We liked ROTOWORM, but someone already owned that dot-com name. We tried to contact them to buy it, but never heard back. (What could a Rotoworm be anyway, but a fishing lure?!)

Then, to get around that pesky detail, we thought of ROTOWORM1000. Seemed like a good name at the time. So we had the lure mold-maker engrave the head molds with ROTOWORM1000.COM and the tail molds with RW1000.COM, a short version of ROTOWORM1000.COM. I thought we were done.

But things are never really done until they’re finally done, and that’s the way this went. I was fishing with a friend, and as we were talking about the lure the name “RotoTail” rolled off my tongue. That night as we were having a bite to eat, I searched the internet on my iPhone. Nobody had registered! How great was that?

Right then and there, during dinner at a restaurant, I registered Gave the waitress an extra-big tip that night.

But now we had a slight problem. We’d already manufactured thousands of lures using the molds with the old ROTOWORM1000.COM and RW1000.COM names on them. Not to worry: These lures are the same and work just as well as the lures engraved with (Typing in ROTOWORM1000.COM or RW1000.COM will take you here, to the website.) And fish can’t read.

Check your RotoTails: Do they say ROTOWORM1000.COM or RW1000.COM? Then you have a collectible! Without planning to do so, we created a series of scarce collectible lures. Once the first few thousand RotoTail kits are sold, there will be no more lures with the old names on them.

It’s kind of like the first printing of a collectible book.

After the first kits are gone, the heads of the lures will read ROTOTAIL.COM and the tails will read WORM1.COM. Why WORM1.COM, you may ask? That was the maximum number of characters we could comfortably fit on one segment of the tail.

And WORM1 is a cool fishing name! If someone finds a tail that a RotoTail fisherman or fisherwoman lost on the lake, WORM1.COM will take them directly here, to the website.

Did I mention: Changing the molds “only” cost an additional $10,000. A lot of money for sure. And that’s exactly how it happened.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.